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Free on-demand Webinar – Taking your business beyond borders

Amsterdam, 09/25/2018

Ian McIntosh (Textkernel), Jeremy Wastall (PGC Group) and Richard Stenson (Austin Fraser) sat together to discuss the tools, technologies and tactics available to help staffing agencies expand into new markets and territories. Enter your details below to access the on-demand webinar where the gentlemen discuss how to gain strategic market insight, how to deal with compliance, onboarding, and workforce management in the U.S.; and finally share some tips on what does and doesn’t work.


Jobfeed update – new features now live

Amsterdam, 08/21/2018

Jobfeed, the big data tool for lead generation, labour market analytics and competitive insight, has released new features! These features include grouping job postings by website category through customized labels, offering more ways to structure the data that supports your strategic decision making. Another feature, filtering by labels, is immediately available and allows users to easily create and save filters as well as add them to excel exports and alerts. Additionally, the job coach, redeployment and mobility functionality of Jobfeed has been improved, with the option to now set an end date for alerts.

Create your own website filters to analyze industry trends, and unlock new sales opportunities by assessing the budget of your prospects

Previously, Jobfeed users had to add more websites to their analysis as an OR query. Now, with the new filter feature, users can select multiple websites of interest (such as the largest job boards) with a checkbox and group them together with a label. Labels can be customized to your own needs. For example, Staffing and Recruitment agencies can use groups to assess the budget of their prospects by creating website labels for job boards based on costs such as “free”, “low”, “standard” and “premium”.

Meanwhile, Job boards can easily analyze their competitors by creating website labels such as “direct competitors”, “indirect competitors” and “replacement competitors”.

TIP! Smart posting based on benchmark analysis and ROI predictions

It’s now possible to combine your organization labels and the new website labels to gain deeper insight into the posting strategies and budgets of your customers, competitors and prospects. Another possibility is to do the same for a specific sector (such as ICT) rather than for a group of companies. This helps you tailor your new job posting based on a benchmark analysis of the industry!

Keen to estimate the return on investment before you post a job on a job board? This is now possible with labels. One example would be to use website labels for “free”, “low cost”, “standard” and “premium” job boards and analyze the average time a posting is active in each category. This method can provide an easy way to estimate the time-to-hire by job board cost, highlighting ROI.

Add organization and website labels to your Excel exports and alerts

Jobfeed users can set up custom Excel exports and alerts to provide relevant information for their analyses. This new release now allows them to add organization and website labels to Excel exports and alerts as a column, or on separate tabs split across sheets. As an example, users can create a tab containing all jobs from existing customers. Other jobs will then be automatically listed in an “unlabeled” tab.

Optimization of the job coach, redeployment, mobility function in Jobfeed

Jobfeed offers tailored functionality for job coach, redeployment and mobility purposes to help job seekers find new vacancies. Users can set up a personalized job search with email alerts for each of their clients. Furthermore, Jobfeed users can track which jobs the clients have been clicking on in the email alerts to gauge interest and provide relevant feedback. As part of this release, job coach users can set end dates for their clients’ email alerts, helpful when the coach has a contract to deliver jobs until a specific date.

Not using the job coach, redeployment and mobility functionality yet? Contact to discuss upgrade options.

Immediately available – and we’d love your feedback

The new Jobfeed features are immediately available for users to gain strategic insight and try the optimized job coach process. If you’re already a Jobfeed user simply log in and try it out; we’d love to hear your feedback. TIP: You can find a detailed step by step guide for all of the new functions in your Jobfeed “Latest Releases” section.

Not a Jobfeed user yet? We’d love to show you how it delivers value through lead generation, competitive insight and labor market analytics. Contact us for more information and to arrange your free demo.


Textkernel launches Jobfeed in Bullhorn

Amsterdam, 07/04/2018

Bullhorn customers can now connect the entire online job market to their daily work. Jobfeed’s integration enables better quality lead generation, competitive insight and labour market analytics without ever leaving the CRM.

AMSTERDAM – 4 JULY 2018 – Textkernel, the leader in machine intelligence for matching people and jobs, today announced an expansion of its business development and sourcing tools within Bullhorn, the cloud computing company that helps staffing and recruiting organisations transform their businesses. Textkernel’s Jobfeed, newly released in Bullhorn, gives recruiters unparalleled access to the entire online job market for lead generation, competitive insight and labour market analytics.

Find more leads, place more candidates – all within Bullhorn

Recruiters can now find high-quality leads directly in Bullhorn through Jobfeed, which aggregates and categorises job listings from around the web in great detail, creating searchable listings. Categories include distinguishing direct employers from agencies, company size and more. In combination with Textkernel’s powerful matching technology, staffing and recruitment firms can identify companies who are likely to buy their services and immediately match interesting job opportunities to their candidates – all within Bullhorn.

“We’re excited to include our Jobfeed Big Data tool in Bullhorn, a leading CRM and operations platform for the staffing and recruiting industries,” said Gerard Mulder, Textkernel’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Our existing customers love Jobfeed as a valuable resource to find leads with a high conversion success rate, which ultimately means placing more candidates.”

Recruiters can match leads found in Jobfeed to their candidate database directly within Bullhorn. Then, after placing their top candidate, they can find new opportunities that perfectly match the skills of their silver-medal candidates. By creating this continuous sales-cycle, recruiters can increase their share of wallet with existing customers and win the right new customers. “Jobfeed’s direct integration into Bullhorn means recruiters get even more out of their sourcing efforts from one central location,” continues Mulder.

Market insight – know what your competitors don’t

Jobfeed also provides recruiters with competitive insight to support strategic decision-making, alongside background information to help close deals faster. By understanding the labour market through advanced analytics, recruiters can identify demand in key focus areas, discover opportunities with existing customers and find new companies that are most likely to do business. This competitive insight can also shed light on emerging market trends, highlight in-demand skills, track competitor behaviour, and benchmark their company’s position in the market.

“Jobfeed gives us the ability to rapidly respond to the market. This not only saves us time but also gives us a great competitive advantage over parties that do not use Jobfeed,” says Olfertjan Niemeijer, Managing Consultant Independent Recruiters.

“Bullhorn users have been able to use Textkernel search and match within their ATS workflow for years,” says Nina Eigerman, Bullhorn’s VP of Alliances and Business Development. “Now they can use Jobfeed in Bullhorn to help find the right opportunities for their best candidates. This kind of candidate marketing leverages the best of artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase placements, driving growth and improving the candidate experience.”

Textkernel’s Jobfeed big data tool for lead generation and competitive insight is now available on the Bullhorn Marketplace.


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