Jobfeed as a source for statistical labour market information

Jobfeed is the trusted source for relevant online job market information. For over 10 years, Jobfeed has been collecting online job offers and is able to offer substantial real-time and historical information. Various research institutions and media organisations use Jobfeed in their analyses and reporting.

Statistical data

Jobfeed has collected years worth of statistical data on the Dutch labour market. Since a few years Jobfeed has also been collecting online jobs in the German and French market. The data can be analysed by several criteria, such as location, education level, profession class, industry, organisation and organisation size, and over time. Jobfeed adds data on a daily basis, enabling both a real-time and a historical overview of the job market.

How does Jobfeed work?

Jobfeed derives this information by continuously crawling the web for online job postings. Each page found is classified as being a job vacancy or not. The pages containing job postings are collected, cleaned and parsed to extract relevant content. Jobfeed categorises the content and enriches it with information such as company and industry information. The job postings are then deduplicated against possible copies and made searchable in the Jobfeed-portal.
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A source for research and editorial content

The labour market information from Jobfeed is used by several research organisations as well as by the press. See examples of articles and reports in which Jobfeed is used as a statistical source for labour market information.


  • Nu.nl (largest Dutch news site)
  • NOS.nl (largest news organisation in the Netherlands)
  • NRC.nl (website of Dutch national newspaper)
  • Volkskrant (Dutch national newspaper)
  • Press releases: Randstad, Yacht, iSense

Blogs / communities

Research / projects

Read more articles on labour market analysis.

For information about Jobfeed as a tool for lead generation, market intelligence or mobility, please visit the About-page.

Press inquiries

We are happy to provide Jobfeed data for (national) news articles. For inquiries, please contact press@jobfeed.com or call +31 20 494 2498.

The use of articles and analyses published on this site is free under the following conditions:

  • A link to the original article is posted
  • Jobfeed by Textkernel is mentioned as the source

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